Music Producer

Music Producer
and Session Drummer

Music Production

My musical adventure kicked off with the heartbeat of drums. Picture me jamming out with bands in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. 

Transitioning from live performances to the digital realm, I’ve embarked on an exciting new chapter as a music producer. Armed with creativity and curiosity, I explore different genres, experiment with melodies, and sculpt harmonies that resonate with my soul.

Wether you’re an emerging talent or an established musician, I provide the expertise and precision to polish your recordings, ensuring they sound their best and stand out in the industry.

Manual vocal pitch and time correction, ensuring every note and beat is perfectly in place. Additionally, I provide precise transient control and gain staging to optimize the dynamics and balance of your music. Your recordings will achieve a polished and professional sound.

Blending all the individual tracks of your recording to create a cohesive and dynamic final mix. By adjusting levels, panning, and applying effects, I ensure that each element sits perfectly in the mix, enhancing the overall sound and impact of your music.

I’ll take your final mix and enhance it further, applying the finishing touches that make your track sound consistent and polished across all playback systems. My mastering process includes equalization, compression, and limiting to achieve the perfect balance and loudness for your music.

Film Scoring Projects

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Nexus Unveiled
The Expanding Man

Beats from Ecuador

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Pop Bastard
Everybody take a look around

Demo production

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Homo Fugit Velut Umbra
La obra que me sobra

Session Drummer

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